Where is China targeting its development finance?

by China Power

China has emerged as one of the world’s largest providers of development finance. Between 2000 and 2014, China extended a total of $354 billion in loans, grants, and other resources to countries across the globe. As China continues to establish itself as a major source of development finance, it is important to consider how this spending intersects with Beijing’s growing political and economic interests. Continue reading “Where is China targeting its development finance?”

He’s back: Ma Ying-jeou rebuilds his popularity – might another run for Taiwan’s presidency be in store?

by Lawrence Chung/ 6 May 2018/ SCMP

Thousands of supporters packed a night market in Hualien in eastern Taiwan last month to try to get a glimpse of Ma Ying-jeou, the island’s former president.

Passionate fans even formed a queue at least 200 metres long to shake hands or have their photos taken with the ex-leader, who twice visited the city to show concern soon after a 6.4-magnitude earthquake wrecked Hualien in early February, killing 17 people and injuring 290 others. Continue reading “He’s back: Ma Ying-jeou rebuilds his popularity – might another run for Taiwan’s presidency be in store?”

Chinese Money Triggers a Dizzying Rally in Manila Property

May 4, 2018 / Bloomberg News

In Manila’s main financial district and its fringes, signs of the new inhabitants are everywhere: the restaurants serving steaming Chinese hotpots and dumplings, the Mandarin broadcasts at the Mall of Asia, and the soaring property prices. Continue reading “Chinese Money Triggers a Dizzying Rally in Manila Property”

Filipino English Teachers Become Popular Online

By Zhang Lijuan / May 3, 2018/ China Report ASEAN

“Thank you so much—you are like my second mom,” wrote a Chinese student to her Filipino English teacher. “I’m gonna be busy the next few days, so I cannot do the lessons. I will miss you, and I will be back very soon! I love you and will see you soon. Take care always.” A young woman who had been studying English for two years on 51Talk, a leading Chinese online English training organization, published her feelings about her teacher on jianshu.com, a website on which any registered user can post their creations. Continue reading “Filipino English Teachers Become Popular Online”

Jack Ma: US-China trade war will kill jobs, opportunities, and hope

by Jack Ma/ April 11, 2018/ SCMP

As a businessman, I have been encouraged by the US administration’s pro-business policies, like lowering corporate taxes. Now, like many in the business community, I am struggling to understand why a trade war with China would be good for the US economy. Continue reading “Jack Ma: US-China trade war will kill jobs, opportunities and hope”

Homosexuality debate shows progress in society

Global Times Published: 2018/4/17

Editor’s Note:

Sina Weibo’s decision to remove comics and videos related to homosexuality sparked online protests over the weekend. Although it later backtracked from its controversial gay ban, the event brought the issue of homosexual rights under the media spotlight. What has China achieved in alleviating discrimination against gay people in recent years? What should be done to protect the rights of minority groups? The Global Times collected three opinions on the matter. Continue reading “Homosexuality debate shows progress in society”

China’s ‘sea parade’: Honing military skills and striking fear

by Frank Ching/ April 17, 2018 / Manila Times

IN his epic speech at the Communist Party congress last October, XiJinping, party leader and state president, announced the initiation of “a new stage in strengthening and revitalizing the armed forces.” By 2035, he promised, “the modernization of our national defense and our forces is basically completed” and “by the mid-21st century our people’s armed forces have been fully transformed into world-class forces.” Continue reading “China’s ‘sea parade’: Honing military skills and striking fear”

PH, China working to finalize joint sea exploration agreement

By Genalyn Kabiling / April 10, 2018 / Manila Bulletin

BOAO, China – The Philippines is trying to finalize a joint sea exploration agreement with China in the next couple of months, the Philippine ambassador to China said Monday.

Amb. Jose Santiago Sta. Romana said negotiations are ongoing to find a common legal framework to conduct joint mineral exploration in the South China Sea. Continue reading “PH, China working to finalize joint sea exploration agreement”